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About Morse Digital Labs

My name is Gerald (Jerry) Morse. I have been working with businesses, supporting major financial institutions, and writing and reviewing content for longer than I’d like to admit. Along the way I’ve worked in banking, programming, content creation, and managing teams of all sizes from all around the world. I’ve helped major financial institutions keep their complex websites up and running, assisted with business development efforts, and even helped small businesses and individuals build and repair computers. And I enjoy writing about all of it.

I’ve worked for giant banks, startup businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. But what I really enjoy is helping people succeed. My favorite part of banking was working with entrepreneurs and seeing their business ventures thrive. My favorite part of management was seeing the individuals on my teams succeed in their professional and personal lives.

I started Morse Digital Labs as a way of continuing to do my small part to see businesses and individuals succeed. I would like to work with you. Whether you need website services, content creation, a project managed, or coaching to get a computer business started I would like to help.

So, let’s talk. I’ve been doing these things a long time, so either I will help you personally or I’ll try to find someone who can. Over the years I’ve gotten to know many talented individuals so odds are we can assist. I promise you an honest assessment of your needs and upfront pricing with no surprises.

Talking to you soon…


How Can We Help?

Whether you just have a general question, or a specific task or project in mind we’ll be thrilled to hear from you.  Just let us know how we can help!