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These posts will keep you informed of the kinds of things we are working on as well as anything we think might interest you!

Some quick updates:

This month has been a combination of writing and web site improvements.

Content Creation – Completed Edited / Published articles for a Retirement Site.

Are you a car buff?  Check the post below:

Need suggestions when you are bored and don’t know what to do with yourself?  Check this post:

And finally I’m an astronomy buff.  If you are too or are just a little interested check this post:

And finally the big news – I finally published “Your Computer Business” to Amazon Kindle.  The book shows you how learning only eight skills will allow you to upgrade, fix, or build any computer.  It then shows you how to use your skills to start your own computer business.

“Your Computer Business” is available on Amazon here:

On a Personal Note – You may find some interesting articles in my personal website, .

Photo by David Monje on Unsplash