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These posts will keep you informed of the kinds of things we are working on as well as anything we think might interest you!

Some quick updates:

Been doing quite a bit of Python programming.  Included is a program called Article Manager.  I am using it internally to track my own articles with things like their current status, where published, etc.  At some point I may releasing it to the public.  I’ll test on Windows 10 and Linux.  Still don’t have a recent Mac to try.

My work on my new book was delayed some due to the programming work but will resume shortly.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime if you would like a free book, “Your Computer Upgrades Business Course” you can get it here.

Earlier this year I published “Your Computer Business.” This Kindle book teaches you the eight skills you need to start your own computer business.  It is available here.

Software Creation  – Lots of Python projects as mentioned above.  Also still considering a SAAS project.

Content Creation – Assorted posts / articles were completed and will be published soon.

On a Personal Note – You may find some interesting articles in my personal website, .

And most importantly have a happy and safe Spring and pray for our friends in Ukraine!